About Us

Our company named M/s. Balaji Engineering works was founded by Mr. R. Ramalingam in the year 1976, then the company was carry forward by the next generation MR. R. Senthil  Kumar sole proprietor of the Renamed company M/s. Sri Ram Engineering from the year  2001 to Till now. In this block of years, our proprietor had carried out various steel structural  jobs under his own direct supervision and personal control.

The works include construction of Wooden houses, Goat farms, Dairy farms, Galvanized sheds for various Residential and commercial purposes throughout India.

We have the capacity to mobilize manpower and equipment all over India for projects. Our Policy is project oriented. We strive to achieve and meet requirements of our clients in both Public as well as Private sectors during project implementation.


The company’s mission is to satisfy our clients with our excellent, high-quality, and Luxury  wooden cottage construction services , as well as our team’s passion and commitment.


The company’s vision is to be the top choice in the market when it comes to wooden resort  construction. We envision to be the leading firm throughout India, that provides efficient and  Luxury wooden cottages as per our clients requirements